Helping people shape their vision has been very gratifying. After spending years studying photojournalism and documentary photography, it’s time to share.

I’m passionate for stories in all their forms of expression. But it was in documentary photography that I found a way to tell real stories. Stories of the places where I’ve been, the experiences I’ve lived and the new people I’ve met. Always in search of legitimate, unique moments. So photography has served me as an excuse to explore the most different places and situations.

The ability to tell stories through pictures is a determining factor of how much emotion you will awaken in the viewer. That’s why every day I strive to be a better photographer. A better storyteller. I want people to get excited. And this skill that I have developed over the years is the face of my work today.

I attended numerous courses and workshops until I found a really differential. After attending the Magnum Workshop with National Geographic photographer David Alan Harvey and the Foudation Workshop in Mexico, I discovered key points about my photograph that I could not even see. It was crucial being directed by a recognised professional on how I could improve. It was truly a unique learning experience that have changed the way I see and understand photography. Suggestions for improvements, analysis, frustrations, praise …. Everything helped me to improve my visual language and the way I construct and deliver each image.

I believe that documentary style wedding photography, which seeks to record actual and real moments, is what can differentiate you as a photographer. And I’m willing to help you find your way.